Agenda Overview:SMDpricing

14.00 Registration
14.30 Warm Up with Malcolm Larri
14.40 Jim Harris’ Opening Statement
14.45 In-depth Discussions
• Disruptive scenarios and how they changed the world
• How to use disruption to create value, what models works and what does not
15.30 Networking Coffee and 1 to 1 meetings
16.00 In-depth Learning and Exercize
• Brainexercize – Learning from each other
• What is up next? What business revolution is to come?
17.00 Insights from Participants
17.20 Closing Remarks
17.30 Networking Cocktail
19.30 Dinner with Jim Harris by invitation only


Download the detailed agenda for Service Mastery Day with Jim Harris:
Service Mastery Day – May 31 2017.pdf