Agenda Overview:SMDpricing

14.50 Registration
malcolmsmall15.00 Warm Up with Malcolm Larri from Copperberg



shepsmall15.10 Shep Hyken’ Opening Statement



15.15 In-depth Discussions

  • Disruptive customer service scenarios and how they changed the world
  • Key principles for customer engagement, retention, loyalty and advocacy

15.45 Networking Coffee and 1 to 1 meetings
16.00 In-depth Learning and Exercises

  • Brainexercise – learning from each other
  • Building a successful customer-centric culture across organizational functions

16.30 Insights from Participants
16.40 Training your teams to help deliver an amazing customer experience
17.20 Closing Remarks
17.25 Book Signing
17.30 Networking Cocktail
19.30 Dinner with Shep Hyken by invitation